acc+ test saliva new coronavirus oral antigen test reagent (saliva) rapid screening reagent

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Product Description

acc+ test saliva new coronavirus antigen test reagent (saliva), oral design, suitable for infants and the elderly, allowing you to quickly test painlessly and obtain results easily.

acc+ test saliva is especially highly sensitive and accurate for asymptomatic infection and early infection detection. It can effectively detect new coronavirus strains, including Omicron and Delta variant viruses, and the operation process is simple, and it can be detected within 15 minutes. It can be done by a person staying at home Rapid Antigen Test!

Worried about whether you have been diagnosed with Covid-19🤔, but don't want to go to the testing center and wait in long queues? acc+ can help you! 👍🏻New coronavirus detection kit, you can know if you have been diagnosed immediately in 15 minutes🤗. The accuracy is 99%, 👍🏻 passed the test of the British University 🧪Confidence guarantee 👨🏻‍⚕️.

In order to avoid not being able to use it when you need it, you should really put more sticks at the door of the house and watch it!

Business owners and supervisors can regularly test their employees to avoid the spread of infection than other employees!


    • Passed EU CE1434
    • Strengthen the detection of antigens in potions and enhance the detection of low-level viruses
    • Accuracy
    • Detects 99.9% of known novel coronavirus strains, including Omicron variants
    • About 20 minutes to achieve PCR mass molecular accuracy
    • CE-IVD molecular rapid detection system
    • The technology passed the test of Oxford University
    • The product has passed the German BfArM Professional Use Test List
    • The product passed the PEI assessment
    • The factory passed ISO9001


  1. A painless nasal stick
  2. an antigen extraction tube
  3. a manual
  4. a tester
  5. a bag
  6. a box


  1. For sample collection, place the nasal wand into the mouth and rotate it up and down.
  2. Prepare the sample, as shown in the figure, put the nasal stick into the antigen extraction tube, turn slightly, and then cap the extraction tube.
  3. To perform the test, invert the extraction tube vertically and add two drops of the test sample solution to the sample well. Start the timer, wait 15 minutes
  4. Check the results, the test results will appear after 15 minutes, as shown in the picture, the results will no longer be valid after 30 minutes.


  1. single use only
  2. If the delivery is not possible due to Taiwan government policy, the original order will be refunded.


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