JP-ECO [Japanese Original] ECO-F Photocatalyst Phytondofine Air Freshener (1kg) Formaldehyde Scavenger Indoor Deodorization Deodorization Indoor Treatment In addition to Pet Odor

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Product introduction:

"ECO-F Phytondine Deodorant" is a (concentrated) deodorant product that uses Phytondine extracted from 118 kinds of plants such as pines and cypresses and mugwort leaves as the main raw material, and is compounded with a variety of plant net flavors , so it is called F118 for short. This product is a pure plant-based air purification product, which has the effect of "deodorization · aldehyde removal · deodorization". Phentermine is a self-defense plant essential oil emitted from the inside by plants to prevent the invasion of insects, bacteria or other toxic substances. It can actively capture and decompose the odor and odor components in the environment. This botanical essential oil is the main component of Forest Smell. In addition, this product contains a variety of plant odorants, which can have a better synergistic effect with phytoncine. In terms of decomposing formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other decoration odors, compared with other similar phytoncine products, the purification effect is long-lasting and the decomposition effect Thoroughly, not just deodorizes the air. This product is safe and non-toxic, does not irritate the skin, and does not damage metals and textiles. It is suitable for "deodorization·deodorization·deodorization" effects in homes, cars, public places, factories and other places.

Application field:​

This product "ECO-F Phytontol Deodorant" is suitable for various places and the surface of objects to exert the effect of "deodorization·deformation·deodorization"→

1. Used to remove aldehydes and deodorize new cars, new furniture, newly decorated homes, offices, entertainment places and other newly decorated places;

2. Used for deodorization and odor decomposition in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, hotels, entertainment venues and other public places;

3. Used for deodorization and odor decomposition in factories, farms, food factories, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment stations and other places;

4. It is used to decompose and deodorize body odor, clothes, shoes, pets and other odors.

Decoration deodorant Japanese garbage deodorant industrial deodorant authorized general agent delivery


1. Dilution instructions: This product is a concentrated solution, which can be directly sprayed with the original solution for severe paint odors, etc. For light decoration odors, it can be diluted in proportion before use. Before dilution, the concentrated solution of "F118 Phytontol Deodorant" must be diluted Shake well. Distilled water is recommended to be distilled water or purified water at room temperature. Because some impurities in tap water may have irreversible adverse effects on this product, tap water cannot be used;

2. Dilution requirements: Dilute the concentrated liquid of "F118 Phytontol Deodorant" according to the packaging specification to the required dilution. The packaging specification of this product is (1L/bottle→can be diluted to 10L), (10L/barrel→can be diluted to 100L). After adding an appropriate amount of water, seal the prepared diluent and shake vigorously.

3. Construction requirements: Make sure the surface of the object is clean and dry before construction. It is recommended to use professional spraying tools for construction. The caliber of the spray gun should be 0.3~0.5mm, and the distance between the spray gun and the surface of the object is about 25cm. This product "F118 phytondine deodorant" can be sprayed on the surface of all objects that need to be treated in an environmentally friendly manner or in spaces with heavy odors, without adverse effects (except for surfaces that react abnormally to water).

4. Construction dosage: 1L of "ECO-F Phytontol Deodorant" dilution can spray about 50-100 square meters of flat area. This product has a good effect on decomposing decoration pollution odors and various life odors. For heavy pollution sources such as leather, carpets, painted surfaces and other surfaces, decoration deodorant Japan formaldehyde and odor products formaldehyde scavenger authorized general agent delivery is recommended. The spraying effect is more obvious;

Use suggestions:

a. This product cannot be used after mixing with other products. Before spraying, the spraying tools should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water to avoid the residues from adversely affecting this product;

b. It is recommended to close the doors and windows before the construction of this product, and open the doors and windows to ventilate and dry after all the construction is completed and the indoor flying fog dissipates.


1. This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, and safe in contact with the human body. But not drinkable, please keep out of reach of children.

2. Do not wipe with a wet towel before the sprayed surface is completely dry, so as not to damage the coating and affect the treatment effect. Electrical appliances, antique calligraphy and paintings, metal devices, etc. are not recommended for construction.

Storage conditions:

Store in a cool and dry place, in a box away from light, and store in a sealed container (it is not recommended to store in a transparent bottle)

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