acc+ test Novel Coronavirus Antigen Rapid Test Reagent Rapid Screening Reagent

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Product Description

acc+ launches the COVID-19 new coronavirus rapid antigen test kit, which is highly sensitive and accurate for the detection of asymptomatic infections and early infection. It can effectively detect new coronavirus strains, including Omicron and Delta variants, and the operation process is simple and can be tested in 15 minutes. Know that a person can still get screened quickly at home

Worried that you tested positive🤔 but failed to get tested at a government center? The fast screening brand acc+ test can help you! 👍🏻With the new coronavirus detection kit, you can instantly know whether you have been diagnosed in 15 minutes🤗 . It is sensitive and accurate up to 98%, and has been certified by Germany, France, Italy, and Switzerland. It is the most commonly used test agent in Europe👍🏻Scientific research at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom🧪Confidence Guaranteed👨🏻‍⚕️ .

In order to avoid having to use it when you need it, you should really put a few of them at the door of your house!

Want to know where to buy quick screening? acc+ is in stock!

Business owners and supervisors can regularly conduct rapid antigen tests for employees to avoid the spread of infection among other employees!


    • Passed EU CE1434
    • Can detect 99.9% of known new coronavirus strains, including Omicron variants
    • It takes about 20 minutes to achieve PCR mass molecular accuracy
    • CE-IVD molecular rapid detection system
    • Technology passed test by Oxford University, UK


  1. A painless nasal stick
  2. An antigen extraction tube
  3. a manual
  4. a tester
  5. a packaging bag
  6. a box

Instructions for use (how to use quick screening)

  1. To collect the sample, place the nasal wand into the nasal cavity and turn it clockwise and counterclockwise.
  2. Prepare the sample, as shown in the picture, put the nasal stick into the antigen extraction tube, turn it slightly, and then close the extraction tube.
  3. To perform the test, invert the extraction tube vertically and add two drops of test sample solution into the sample well. Start timing and wait 15 minutes
  4. Check the results. The test results will appear after 15 minutes. You can compare the results as shown in the picture. After 30 minutes, the results will no longer be valid.


  1. For one-time use only
  2. If the item cannot be shipped due to Taiwan government or command center policies, the original order will be refunded.




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