Booster heat hot w intelligent massage gun

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Color: Olive Green
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Booster's professional team has developed a more intimate heating massage head to increase coverage and enhance convenience! The newly designed heating head is detachable and portable. It can be used as an eye bag massager to activate blood circulation around the eyes and improve dark circles. It can also promote blood circulation in the body, improve muscle tension and muscle stiffness. The temperature of the hot head can reach 55°C. When massaging the back, it can relax the oppression of large muscles and improve the quality of sleep. The smart massage gun is added to the left LED LCD screen, which can monitor the pressing force and display the power in real time. It also uses the innovative AI artificial intelligence chip. In the AI ​​mode, the massage gun automatically adjusts the pressing force for the user, and there is no need to manually switch the force. The new industry-leading massage experience

Booster developed WARMY heat massage head which increases coverage and enhances convenience. The heating head is detachable. It can also serve as eye bag massager for its warm function. Max at 55℃, assisting to relieve back pressure.

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