JP-ECO【Japanese Original】ECO-P Photocatalyst High Activity Visible Light Response Formaldehyde Scavenger (1kg) Powerful Purification Spray

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Product introduction:

ECO-P visible light responsive photocatalyst is made of nano-titanium dioxide with high photocatalytic efficiency from Japan and manufactured by advanced nano-dispersion technology. This product is light white, with significant Tyndall effect, neutral and tasteless, without adding any adhesives and other organic components, and is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The photocatalyst of this product uses visible light as the light source to excite electrons (eˉ) on the valence band to transition to the conduction band, and generate corresponding holes (h+) on the valence band. Electrons (eˉ) in the conduction band combine with oxygen molecules (O2) in the air to generate negative oxygen ions (O2-) that are beneficial to the human body, while holes (h+) in the valence band combine with water molecules (H2O) in the air , to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH) with strong oxidation effect, and oxidize and decompose harmful gases and pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC, etc. in the air into harmless CO2 and H2O, reaching the air Purifying effect. In the process of purifying and decomposing, the photocatalyst itself does not change and lose, and only provides a reaction place. It has the advantages of long-term rapid, long-lasting and effective, safe and non-toxic. It is an internationally recognized green environmental protection decoration pollution control product.

Application fields:

ECO-P visible light photocatalyst is widely used in decoration pollution control, deodorization, antifouling→

(1) Family rooms, hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, office buildings, KTV and other entertainment venues, as well as decoration pollution control of stations, supermarkets, government units and other public places;

(2) Remove formaldehyde from new cars, such as cars, buses, RVs, etc. for interior pollution control;

(3) At the same time, it can be used for deodorization in special places such as food processing plants and farms;

Active ingredient: Apatite-coated nano-titanium dioxide (アナタースAnatase Nano TiO2)

ECO-P visible light photocatalyst adopts high photocatalytic efficiency nano-titanium dioxide as raw material, which is made by advanced nano-dispersion technology according to a specific ratio. It has its own functional characteristics and has good dispersion effect after special nano-dispersion process. , and not easy to reunite without precipitation.

Air purification:

It has the characteristics of small particle size (4-6nm) and large relative area (280g/cm2). It has a good surface in photocatalytic air purification and has excellent dispersion performance.

Special ammonia removal:

The nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst material has a remarkable function of decomposing ammonia gas, which is the main cause of life odor. Compared with other types of nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst products, this product has excellent ammonia removal performance after special nano-modification treatment.

Specially made for removing aldehydes and VOCs:

Formaldehyde and VOC harmful gases are the main causes of indoor pollution syndrome (sick house). ECO-P nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst products have a significant decomposition effect on aldehydes and VOC harmful gases after effective crystal particle size treatment.

Dosage and construction:

(1) 1kg ECO-P visible light photocatalyst can spray about 60㎡;

(2) Spraying area and estimate (without spraying the ground): indoor building area × 3 ≈ total area of ​​photocatalyst spraying;

(3) Tools and spraying requirements: It is recommended to use a high-pressure spray gun or a professional photocatalyst spraying machine for spraying, and the diameter of the spray gun is about 0.5mm. The distance from the spray gun to the wall is about 25-35cm, and the effect of comprehensive atomization and uniform spraying is remarkable.

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool and dry place, sealed

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