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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Heavy Duty Mackintosh Draw Sheets
TouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer SheetTouchDRY® Heavy Duty Transfer Sheet
Draw Sheet/Flat Sheet Heavy Duty
ProDRAW™ Disposable Draw Sheet with Handles
SallyActive®, Chair Tube
accmask SallyActive®, Chair Tube
Sale price$1,014.18
SallyTube® ReusableSallyTube® Reusable
accmask SallyTube® Reusable
Sale price$108.70
SallyTube® Single Patient Use
SlipperySally® Single Patient Use Slide SheetsSlipperySally® Single Patient Use Slide Sheets
SlipperySally® Reusable Slide SheetsSlipperySally® Reusable Slide Sheets
Drawstring Bag for Slide Sheets & Move Tubes

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