DASH DFB04.01 Knapsack Particle Disinfection Gun

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DFB04.01 Professional Backpack Nano Atomization Disinfection Machine

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The new crown epidemic has gradually become normalized, but unfortunately the diagnosis will still bring health risks😷, and the isolation policy will still affect daily travel. Moreover, the global outbreak of influenza in winter and the occurrence of infection cases such as melioidosis in the community🦠 remind us that we cannot ignore personal hygiene. In addition to choosing which disinfectant to choose, how to use the disinfectant is very important👨🏻‍🔬!

DFB04.01 professional backpack nano atomization disinfection machine adopts a uniquely designed Turbo Jet nozzle 💥, which compresses the disinfectant liquid into a cold mist of 0-52 microns (μm) 💨, and under the action of static electricity, the nanoparticles can be better attached , Penetrate and cover the surface of objects to maximize the disinfection effect🆙! According to research, the droplet size produced by DF0B04.01 is ideal for dealing with pathogens🔬.

DFB04.01 professional backpack nano atomization disinfection machine can be operated wirelessly, portable and easy to use, and can be disinfected even in hidden locations⚔️, reducing the infection of you and your family by residual viruses in the environment🛡️! The battery life is up to 20 minutes, and the capacity is also 11.5L. Moreover, the design of the backpack is user-friendly, and it feels light and easy to operate on the back. It is suitable for large places such as restaurants, shopping malls, warehouses, schools, terminals, airplanes, etc. 🤝🏻!

【Features of Sprayer】

➡️ Compress liquid to 0-52 micron (μm) cold mist

➡️ The sprayed particles produce electrostatic effect and adsorption effect

➡️ The sanitizer better covers and penetrates to the surface of the object

✅ Maximize the effect of disinfection and protection

✅ Ideal for fighting pathogens

✅ 48V built-in lithium battery, battery life up to 20 minutes

✅ Can be operated wirelessly, and can be flexibly disinfected in hidden locations

✅ The shooting range is up to 20 feet, saving daily disinfection time

✅ Reduce liquid consumption by 40% compared to the first generation

✅ Applicable: pest management, formaldehyde removal, irrigation and fertilization

✅ Passed CE, CNAS and EN test certification

[Backpack Features]

➡️ Humanized backpack design, the sprayer on the back becomes lighter

➡️ Height: about 16.5 inches・Width: about 13 inches

➡️ Tube length: up to about 3 feet 6 inches

➡️ Anti-slip lock: Easily adjust for different torso lengths

➡️ Wide padding: shoulder straps reduce user fatigue

➡️ Air Cushion Mesh: Filled back support pad

➡️ Waist Safety Belt: The atomizer is firmly pressed against the user, reducing bouncing vibration and increasing stability

【Product Specifications】

➡️ Fuel tank capacity: 11.5L

➡️ Spray distance: 20 feet

➡️ Flow rate: 750ml/min

➡️ Rated voltage: 48V Li-ion rechargeable battery

➡️ Weight: about 6kg

【Application level】

➡️ Pest control, sanitation, irrigation, deodorization

【Certificate of Conformity】

➡️ Passed "CE EMC Test"

➡️ Pass the "CNAS" test

➡️ Passed "EN 61000-6-3:2007+A1:2011+AC:2012"

➡️ Passed "EN IEC 61000-3-2-2019"

➡️ Passed "EN 61000-3-3:2013+A1:2019"

➡️ Passed "EN 61000-6-1:2017"

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