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Showing 1 - 24 of 114 products
Foam Overlay Cover
accmask Foam Overlay Cover
Sale price$47.00
SallyBoard® Transfer Boards - MEDIUM & LARGESallyBoard® Transfer Boards - MEDIUM & LARGE
Banana® Foldable Transfer Board
SallyRoller® Transfer Roller BoardSallyRoller® Transfer Roller Board
Replacement Grip Pads for SallyBoardReplacement Grip Pads for SallyBoard
Q2 Transfer BoardQ2 Transfer Board
accmask Q2 Transfer Board
Sale price$731.13
SallyBoard® Transfer Board - CURVEDSallyBoard® Transfer Board - CURVED
FloJac Air-Assisted Lifting Device & Device PackFloJac Air-Assisted Lifting Device & Device Pack
Air-Assisted Transfer Mat - Single Patient UseAir-Assisted Transfer Mat - Single Patient Use
Air Transfer Mat Transport Stand - Single Basket
Air-Assisted Transfer Mat - ReusableAir-Assisted Transfer Mat - Reusable
Single Use Arm Positioning Strap
Disposable Patient Positioning Strap
SallySling® Sit-to-Stand Patient SlingSallySling® Sit-to-Stand Patient Sling
SallySling® Pannus Support Single Patient Use
Repositioning SallySling® Single Patient UseRepositioning SallySling® Single Patient Use
SallySling® Limb Lifter Single Patient UseSallySling® Limb Lifter Single Patient Use
General Purpose SallySling® Single Patient UseGeneral Purpose SallySling® Single Patient Use
SallyActive®, Chair Tube
accmask SallyActive®, Chair Tube
Sale price$1,014.18
SallyTube® ReusableSallyTube® Reusable
accmask SallyTube® Reusable
Sale price$108.70
SallyTube® Single Patient Use
Drawstring Bag for Slide Sheets & Move Tubes
SlipperySally® Single Patient Use Slide SheetsSlipperySally® Single Patient Use Slide Sheets

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