JP-ECO [Japanese original] ECO-D non-photocatalyst diffuser (1kg) formaldehyde scavenger powerful purification spray

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JP-ECO "Photocatalyst" is a new type of air purification product imported from Japan. It is refined from inorganic raw materials such as ultra-nanometer and micro-molecular phosphate titanium dioxide. This product is divided into three models [ECO-B (Base base layer) / ECO-C (Clean purification layer)], [ECO-D (Disperse divergence layer)], all are safe and non-toxic, do not irritate the skin, and do not damage metals and textiles , does not contain any organic adhesives, and can exert the effect of "antibacterial, deodorizing, aldehyde deodorizing, and deodorizing" 24 hours a day. It is a new type of environmentally friendly air purification spray, and it has a relatively high share in the Japanese purification market. "Non-photocatalyst" breaks through the limitation that photocatalysts must be excited by light, and can exert excellent and long-lasting purification effects under no-light conditions, achieving antibacterial, deodorizing, and decomposing organic harmful gases into (carbon dioxide + water) to remove aldehydes and deodorize process.

ECO-B (Base base layer): It is mainly applied on the surface of the pollution source to clean and protect organic substrates (such as latex paint, paint, leather, etc.), so that the purification layer can better adhere to the surface of the substrate and prevent The purification layer decomposes the substrate, and at the same time can quickly remove pollution, and has a certain catalytic decomposition effect.

ECO-C (Clean purification layer): It is mainly applied on the surface of pollution sources, walls, ceilings, etc., and is used on the upper layer of ECO-B (Base base layer), which has strong and long-lasting "antibacterial, deodorant, aldehyde removal, and deodorizing" Effect. When used on walls, ceilings and other base materials, it is not necessary to apply ECO-B (Base base layer), but directly apply this product to the surface of the base material. Play a strong and lasting catalytic • decomposition • purification effect.

ECO-D (Disperse) high-end model: Highly atomized and evenly sprayed on the surface of all pollution release sources to achieve comprehensive formaldehyde removal, odor removal, antibacterial, mildew-proof, deodorizing, and super-hydrophilic anti-fouling self-cleaning effects. It can be used for the processing of antibacterial and deodorizing functional products (such as non-photocatalyst air purification wall cloth, non-photocatalyst air purification artificial flowers, etc.), and can also be used for super-hydrophilic antifouling self-cleaning processing of glass surfaces, such as shower room glass and exterior glass curtain wall etc. (The glass items should be cleaned and polished according to the detailed pre-treatment process before construction).

Application fields:

This product "photocatalyst" is suitable for various places and the surface of objects to exert the effect of "antibacterial, deodorant, aldehyde removal, and deodorization" →

1. Used to remove aldehydes and deodorize new cars, new furniture, newly decorated homes, offices, entertainment places and other newly decorated places;

2. Used for antibacterial deodorization and odor removal in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, hotels, entertainment venues and other public places;

3. Used for antibacterial deodorization and odor removal in factories, farms, food factories, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment stations and other places;

4. It can be used for odor removal, antibacterial and deodorization of body odor, clothes, shoes, pets, etc.

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