JP-ECO [Japanese original] ECO-C non-photocatalyst base layer ground protection agent (1kg) formaldehyde scavenger powerful purification spray

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ECO-C Photocatalyst Powerful Formaldehyde Purifier (1L)

Formaldehyde is ubiquitous in my life🌫️ Whether it is new decoration or paint👷🏻, or paper towels🧻, there are traces of formaldehyde. The release cycle of formaldehyde is as long as 3-15 years, and it has been identified as a "carcinogenic and teratogenic harmful chemical substance" by the World Health Organization (WHO). Among them, CCTV conducted a survey on a children's hospital, and among 1,800 leukemia children 👶 🏻, 46.7% have undergone renovation within six months before the onset of disease😱!

Japan's high-end formaldehyde purification technology JP-ECO can help you restore a healthy and safe indoor environment🇯🇵😎ECO-C photocatalyst powerful formaldehyde purifier is mainly applied on the surface of pollution sources, walls, ceilings and other places🌪️, used for ECO-B (Base base layer) The upper layer has a strong and long-lasting effect of "antibacterial · deodorant · aldehyde removal · deodorization"☘️

🇯🇵Imported from Japan. Clean space technology products

⭕For furniture, walls, fabrics, ceilings, etc.

⭕Exercise strong and long-lasting catalytic, decomposition and purification effects

⭕24-hour dark environment "antibacterial · deodorizing · dealdehyde · deodorizing"

✅Used to pollute original surfaces and walls

✅For use on ECO-B (base layer)

✅Build a purification layer for removing formaldehyde (Clean)

✅It has the functions of deodorization, antibacterial and air purification

✅Non-photocatalyst: work in 24 hours without light

✅The product is non-toxic and harmless to humans, animals and plants

✅The composition of inorganic raw materials does not contain chemical substances

✅The surface of the product is colorless and transparent after spraying, which will not affect the furniture

🇯🇵Country of origin Japan, made in Japan, imported from Japan

🇯🇵Japan JFRL, SGS experimental verification

🇯🇵Certified by Photocatalyst Industry Association of Japan (PIAJ)

🇭🇰Designated cleaning agent for major formaldehyde removal companies in Hong Kong


1️⃣ Wear a mask and glasses to avoid discomfort caused by inhaling liquids

2️⃣ Determine the main pollution source (if there is a formaldehyde tester or VOC tester, it is better)

3️⃣Basically clean the spraying surface to ensure it is dry and clean

4️⃣Pour ECO-B cleaner into a spray bottle or spray gun with spray function

5️⃣The first construction: It is recommended to carry out "horizontal left and right" spraying

6️⃣The second construction: it is recommended to carry out "vertical up and down" spraying

7️⃣Convert to ECO-C or ECO-D, repeat steps 4-6

8️⃣It is recommended to close the doors and windows for at least 12-24 hours after completion

9️⃣ Ventilated and sun-dried for 5-6 days to maximize the effect of formaldehyde removal and indoor purification

【Non-light touch coal technology】

Non-photocatalyst is an upgraded substitute of photocatalyst, and it is another breakthrough in indoor air pollution control technology.

The main component of the non-photocatalyst is ultra-nanometer micromolecular phosphate titanium dioxide compound. Ultra-nanometer micro-molecular titanium dioxide phosphate is a substance with a 2-50 nanometer one-dimensional pore structure, with a surface area of ​​up to 700 m2/g. It is sprayed on the surface of an object and appears as an inorganic acid amorphous polymer film, which forms nanometer-sized pores after drying. structure.

Different from the principle of nano-titanium dioxide photocatalyst catalysis through ultraviolet irradiation, the ultra-nanometer micro-molecular titanium dioxide phosphate has a strong adsorption and a high-energy translocation effect due to the potential transfer of the characteristics of nanoparticles, and can be catalyzed under no light conditions. reaction (oxidation-reduction reaction) to generate hydroxyl radicals (OH) with strong oxidizing effect, which can oxidize and decompose various indoor harmful organic compounds (such as formaldehyde, benzene series, ammonia, TVOC, etc., and can destroy bacteria. The cell membrane and the protein of the solidified virus have the effect of disinfection and sterilization. This reaction finally decomposes organic pollutants into harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), so it has strong formaldehyde removal, odor removal, antibacterial and air purification Function.

The ECO "photocatalyst" product is easy to use. It only needs to be sprayed on the surface of the pollution source, and when the pollutants are released through the ultra-nano micromolecular phosphate titanium dioxide coating on the surface of the pollution source, they can be absorbed, decomposed and eliminated. Deodorization · Aldehyde removal · Odor purification" effect, used in decoration pollution control and new car odor removal, can greatly and continuously eliminate harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and total volatile organic compounds, and at the same time play antibacterial, deodorizing Odor, mildew, air purification effect. In addition to producing effects in darkrooms, it does not require adhesives when coating. It has the advantages of water resistance, abrasion resistance, no discoloration, no aging, good transparency, convenient spraying, durability, and no damage to inner walls.

【Application field】

This product "photocatalyst" is suitable for various places and the surface of objects to exert the effect of "antibacterial, deodorant, aldehyde removal, and deodorization" →

  1. It is used to remove aldehyde and deodorize new cars, new furniture, newly decorated homes, offices, entertainment places and other newly decorated places;
  1. Used for antibacterial deodorization and odor removal in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, hotels, entertainment venues and other public places;
  1. Used for antibacterial deodorization and odor removal in factories, farms, food factories, garbage treatment plants, sewage treatment stations, etc.;
  1. It is used for odor removal, antibacterial and deodorization of body odor, clothes, shoes, pets, etc.

【brand introduction】

All products researched and developed by Japan ECO Co., Ltd. are committed to improving the environment, providing clean energy, and bringing health to human beings. At present, Japan ECO Co., Ltd. is expanding its horizons and entering a new era in the field of green energy.​

Japan インドアエエコ Co., Ltd. (Japan ECO Co., Ltd.), whose history began in 1989 (the first year of Heisei), is a technology company focusing on indoor ecological environmental protection. It has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification and is a member of Japan Chemical Industry Association (general corporate legal person) ), a member enterprise of the Environmental Technology Association, is currently a relatively mature photocatalyst and non-photocatalyst material production company in Japan.​

Since its establishment, Japan ECO Co., Ltd. has been mainly committed to the production of indoor environmentally friendly ecological products. In order to continuously meet the increasing social needs, ECO has invested a lot of resources in technological innovation every year. The "titanium dioxide phosphate" independently developed by ECO The product has the characteristics of nano particle size, easy dispersion, no photocatalysis and high purification effect. Today, ECO indoor photocatalyst [air purification (VOC removal effect), deodorization, antibacterial, anti-mildew, anti-fouling] products have become a very mature and stable product after several years of improvement and updating, and can adapt to various market conditions. demand.

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