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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Tourniquet Single Patient UseTourniquet Single Patient Use
Paediatric Tourniquet Single Patient UsePaediatric Tourniquet Single Patient Use
Reusable TourniquetReusable Tourniquet
accmask Reusable Tourniquet
Sale price$536.57
Pressure Strap Single Patient UsePressure Strap Single Patient Use
Disposable Tourniquet
accmask Disposable Tourniquet
Sale price$133.69
SallyStocking® AidsSallyStocking® Aids
accmask SallyStocking® Aids
Sale price$0.00
Disposable Wash Mitt
accmask Disposable Wash Mitt
Sale price$86.63
Disposable TowelDisposable Towel
accmask Disposable Towel
Sale price$856.65
Disposable Headphone Covers
Compostable Instrument TrayCompostable Instrument Tray
Compostable Anaesthetic Tray
Greeny® Compostable UnderpadGreeny® Compostable Underpad
Compostable Kidney Dish
Biodegradable Sputum Cup with Optional Lid
Biodegradable Sputum Cup with Optional Lid
Recyclable Paper Wound Ruler
Recyclable Paper Medicine Cup
Recyclable Paper Pill CupRecyclable Paper Pill Cup
Plastic Bag Single Patient Use
Syringe Pump Pouch - Single Patient UseSyringe Pump Pouch - Single Patient Use
Bedside Equipment Bag
Drawstring Bag for Slide Sheets & Move Tubes

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