【OYO NOVA】美國品牌 便攜式全方位升級版健身器

In recent years, the fitness trend has become stronger and stronger, and more and more fitness studios use different forms to attract customers . At present, the monthly gym fee is about HK$300-500, and the annual fee is about HK$3,600-6,000, and the number of people working from home has increased in the past two years, such as the time cost of taking a special car to the gym. For some people, going to the gym Neither is an economical and efficient choice. OYO NOVA provides a flexible fitness option for everyone.

OYO NOVA provides a variety of muscle training modes, allowing you to exercise back flyes, chest flyes, biceps, triceps training, shoulder presses, pulley pulldowns and other muscle groups anytime, anywhere as if you were in a gym.

Foldable design, weighing only 1.12 kg; easy to take away, your gym is everywhere! Strength training at home, in the office, during travel, anywhere

OYO Fitness founder Paul Francis invented the first resistance exercise device in space, the NASA iRED, incorporating patented SpiraFlex technology. NASA funded a 16-week study comparing SpiraFlex (below right) to free-weights (below left). The study found that the SpiraFlex group had the same improvements in strength and muscle growth as the free weight group. And the OYO Nova Cross-Fitness Machine uses SpiraFlex resistance, which feels smooth and linear like free weights, without weight or momentum.

The NOVA is designed to withstand 40 lbs of resistance and not exceed that level. There is always a balance between portability and resistance. We couldn't get the portability we wanted (it weighs less than 3 pounds and folds to fit in your bag!) by increasing the resistance. We did a lot of redesigning to get to 40 pounds, but that's as much as we've been able to go for the time being.

The SpiraFlex FlexPack is rated at 10 lbs (4.5kg) and can provide up to 40 lbs (18kg) of total resistance per hand, yet the entire unit weighs only 2.5 lbs (1.12kg) and can be folded for storage.

OYO NOVA GYM can provide a variety of muscle training modes, making you feel like you are in a fitness room, whether it is back fly, chest fly, biceps/triceps training, shoulder press, pulley pull-down, etc., can be done through OYO NOVA GYM exercise. The team cooperated with fitness expert Nick Bolton to develop more than 100 sports modes based on the product, and recorded more than 160 teaching videos for specific muscle training and more than 60 half-hour sports training videos . Browse related videos and download them from OYO Fitness' Vimeo channel .

For details, please refer to: https://www.accmask.com/products/oyo-nova