【TSL 】多色 超迷你無線掌上熨斗

This time I want to introduce a product from Taiwan, which is a super practical ultra-mini wireless handheld iron! Its size is about the size of our palm, which is very convenient for storage. It is different from the iron that is several times larger than usual. It can be taken out of the bag at any time, and can be used when you want to use it . When using it, you only need to iron the large area of ​​the clothes horizontally, and the small area can be ironed directly, and the ironing will not encounter any dead corners. In addition, it does not take up too much space at all, so it is suitable for traveling abroad, using it or traveling abroad.



2 ways of use: flat ironing/hanging ironing (horizontal ironing for large areas, vertical ironing for small areas)
International universal voltage (110V to 240V), no worries when going out 2 charging modes: charging stand or directly plugged into the body, the bottom is fully covered by heat, the temperature can reach 220 degrees, and the use area is not inferior to the traditional large iron collar, cuffs and buttons, etc. The corners can be easily ironed straight without dead corners. When it is difficult to iron, you can spray water to iron. The standby power consumption is 21W, and the power consumption is 180W when in use.
Iron size: 11.5 (length) x 5.8 (width) x 6.7 (height) cm Products include: iron, charging stand, wire Maintenance details: Provide 7-day replacement shopping guarantee; the factory provides one-year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong .
Original licensed product: 1-year agency warranty, this product is provided by a designated agent in Hong Kong for 1-year warranty, please refer to the label on the package for details.

Product details: https://www.accmask.com/products/tsl-ch-16%E8%B6%85%E8%BF%B7%E4%BD%A0%E7%84%A1%E7%B7% 9A%E6%8E%8C%E4%B8%8A%E7%86%A8%E6%96%97%E9%A6%99%E6%B8%AF%E8%A1%8C%E8%B2%A84% E5%80%8B%E9%A1%8F%E8%89%B2