Big Eye Shrimp Salted Egg Yolk Original Shrimp Cake

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Hot sale in 16 countries! Shrimp cakes with big eyes are made of large and top-quality shrimp meat. The ingredients are exquisite and the shrimp taste is strong enough. The fried and crispy golden yellow shrimp cakes are paired with the salted egg yolk sauce with a unique formula, which is the golden ratio of salted egg yolk shrimp. cake! The sweetness and saltiness are moderate, so you can't help but take one bite after another, super addictive!

Hot sale in 16 countries! The unique salted egg yolk of the big-eye shrimp cake is perfectly matched with a crispy and unique taste, conquering your taste buds with every bite.
Specification Weight: 70g
Origin: Taiwan

※This product contains crustaceans and their products. Those with food allergies should avoid eating.
※The raw material production process plant of this product has equipment or production pipelines for processing fish, shellfish, peanuts, nuts and their products. Those who are allergic to this product should avoid eating it.

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