Herbs Organic Versicolor Versicolor (60 capsules)

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  1. Relieve side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy
  2. Anti-differential cell growth anti-proliferation
  3. Promotes autoapoptosis of heterogeneous cells
  4. Enhance immunity and maintain body functions
  5. Combat, resist and prevent stubborn diseases in an all-round way

Suitable for people
  1. Those undergoing chronic treatment (including chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery)
  2. Those who want to speed up the recovery of physical functions after completing the course of treatment
  3. People who are worried about the spread/transfer of chronic abnormal cells
  4. Those who are worried about the recurrence of chronic diseases
  5. People with a family history of stubborn diseases

60 capsules per box / 325mg per capsule

place of production

main ingredient
  1. Organic Yunzhi Extract
  2. Okinawa Fucoidan Extract
  3. Organic Maitake Extract

  1. General health care: 1 time a day, 2 capsules each time
  2. Extremely needed: 2 capsules twice a day
(recommended to take on an empty stomach)

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