Ledao - Ledao Anti-Tang in a pack (15 packs)

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*Ingredient 100% sugarcane extract from Okinawa
*Block Tang points to absorb and discharge excess waste
*Helps maintain cardiovascular health

Product Details:
"Le Dao Yi Bao Kang Tang" uses 100% sugarcane from Okinawa, using the patented "explosive fermentation technology" (patent number No. 4894015) to soften and explode the bagasse, and further ferment to retain the original 100% sugarcane dietary fiber, releasing More effective ingredients, containing xylo-oligosaccharides and polyphenols and other nutrients, will not be destroyed by gastric acid after eating, can directly block the absorption in the body, absorb excess waste to be excreted from the body, but will not cause embarrassment. A significant increase is a normal reaction. Long-term consumption can balance the internal environment, improve decomposition and absorption, resist acidic body and anti-aging, and help maintain cardiovascular health.

Ingredients: 100% Okinawa sugar cane

Suggested dosage:
* Both before and after meals
*Can be mixed with ingredients for cooking
*Or add directly to ready-to-drink drinks and food
*At least one pack a day to keep healthy
* Add one packet to each meal for better results

Packing specification: 2g x 15 packs

*Children aged 3 or starting to eat adult food can eat
*Avoid adding to high-fat foods, such as frying and fish oil

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