Ledao - Ledao Sanqi Golden Vegetable Capsules (60 Capsules)

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Sweep away vascular waste and clear blood vessels. The active ingredient saponin is rich in fine and fine Panax notoginseng powder for easy absorption.

Product Details:
"Le Dao Sanqi Golden Vegetable Capsule" was tested by the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology, an institution affiliated to the Chinese University of Hong Kong, to confirm that the content of saponins is the champion among the test samples. The product contains 90% notoginseng superfine powder, and nattokinase is added to optimize the efficacy of the product. "Sanqi" not only sweeps away vascular waste, but also repairs vascular damage. Prevent the deposition of dirt in the lumen; and nattokinase is good at dissolving vascular waste. Fully protect blood vessels, reduce three highs and heart risks.

Main ingredients:

90% Pure Notoginseng Powder, Nattokinase, E470(b) (Anticaking Agent) (This product contains soybeans)

Suggested dosage:
Take 2 to 4 capsules with warm water every day during the day. For those who take western medicine, please take 3 to 4 hours apart

Packing Specifications:
60 capsules per box, 500mg per capsule

*Use with caution in infants and pregnant women*Severe hemorrhage, please consult medical staff before and after surgery*Does not replace doctor’s advice*Natural materials, each batch of color, texture, taste may be slightly different
Keep in a cool dry place

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