Lado - Lado Grigiotoxin (10ml)

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*High Penetration Gel, direct to the nail bed
*Reduce the risk of infection and spread
*Restore the pink color and luster of gray nails

Product Details:
Traditional Chinese medicine is good at dealing with chronic distress. The formula of "Ledao Gray Armor 10ml" is derived from the years of clinical experience of old Chinese medicine practitioners and developed by the University of Hong Kong. High-penetration gel, reaching directly to the nail bed; effectively reducing the risk of infection and spread; restoring the pink color and luster of the nail/toenail. The product does not use pure acid value to fight against fungi; agaric acid can help dissolve skin keratin, and infiltrate medicinal Chinese herbal extracts (dandelion extract, mulberry bark extract, orientalis leaf extract) to improve the symptoms of onychomycosis .

Ingredients: Aqua,Glycerol, Propylene glycol, Herba Taraxaci Extract (Dandelion Extract), Cortex Mori Extract (Morus White Bark Extract), Cebaiye Platycladi Cacumen Extract (Arborvitae Leaf Extract), Carbomer U-30, Urea, Glydant PlusLiquid, Triethanolamine, Apple Vinegar, XanthanGum, Tea Tree Oil

1) Clean finger/toenails, no need to file finger/toenails before use
2) Shake the liquid medicine gently to avoid precipitation of ingredients
3) Use 2 times a day, apply the liquid medicine on the infected part
4) It is recommended to wait a few minutes after use to allow the liquid to dry

Packing specification: 10ml per bottle (approximately 400 uses)

For external use only, avoid contact with eyes, wounds and mucous membranes. Please stop using it if you are sensitive to the ingredients of grayscale. The product is an extract of traditional Chinese medicine, and sediment may appear, which is normal and has no effect on the quality; it can be used by children over 2 years old, pregnant women and breastfeeding period.

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