Letao Wild Lingzhi (60 Capsules)

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Wild-picked Ganoderma lucidum enhances immunity, preserves health and prolongs life

Product Details:
"Le Dao Wild Ganoderma" adopts five types and six kinds of wild-picked Ganoderma lucidum: red lucidum, black lucidum, green lucidum, white lucidum, yellow lucidum and purple lucidum. According to literature records, five-color ganoderma contains various trace elements such as organic germanium, ganoderma polysaccharides, triterpenoids, sterols, and alkaloids. In addition to improving immunity and prolonging life, it also has the effect of regulating internal organs.

Main ingredients:
Wild red lucidum extract, wild Huangzhi extract, wild green lucidum extract, wild white lucidum extract, Jicao antler, wild black lucidum extract, wild purple lucidum extract, E470b (anti-caking agent), E551 (anti-caking agent)

How to eat:
* Health care - 1-2 capsules per day
* Auxiliary treatment - 3-5 capsules per day
(serve with warm water)

Packing Specifications:

60 capsules per bottle / 380mg net weight per capsule

*Pregnant women should use with caution, please consult medical staff for advice
*Health care product, not a substitute for doctor's advice
*Natural ingredients – color, texture, flavor may vary slightly from batch to batch
*Keep in a cool dry place

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