Sun Life Pharmaceuticals- Aegis Sea Dog Pills (300 Capsules)

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Strengthen waist and kidney, mental fatigue, forgetfulness and insomnia, enhance physical strength, nourish qi and blood, weakness of limbs, loss of qi and blood, weak kidney, strengthen bones and muscles, nourish blood and qi, use for weak body, lack of energy and hair growth, white hair and blackening , protect the liver and nourish the liver, men and women can take it.

main ingredient

Raspberry (steamed), Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Rehmannia glutinosa, Gouji (steamed), Dodder (stir-fried), Cynomorium (steamed), Rosaceae (steamed), Epimedium (steamed), Dipsacus (steamed), Suanzaoren (stir-fried), roasted astragalus, yam (stir-fried), roasted licorice, tangerine peel (steamed), tortoise shell gum (stir-fried), antler gum (stir-fried)

Quantity per piece

300 capsules per bottle, each capsule weighs 0.2 grams


Adults take it once a day, four pills (about 0.08g) before going to bed, if the body is extremely weak, you can take another four pills, and take it with warm water for quick results. Children take half of the dose and do not need to abstain. No matter how old or young they are, their kidneys are weak, and if they take it for seven days, they will definitely turn weak into strong, and their functions will be vigorous.


Do not take if you have a cold or fever

storage method

Store in a cool dry place

Proprietary Chinese medicine registration number


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