Nature's Best - Cordyceps Concentrated Essence (60 capsules) 3 boxes

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Extra concentrated

Fewer capsules are suitable for children to eat <br>The ingredients are 5 times stronger, and the nature is mild, nourishing but not dry, suitable for people of different ages.

Recommended daily serving:
– General: Take 1 capsule each time in the morning, take on a full stomach – Weak: Take 1-2 times a day in the morning and afternoon, take 1 time each time, take on a full stomach – After surgery/illness: 1-2 times a day , 2 capsules each time – frequently waking up at night and insomnia: take one more capsule before night

* Take with two glasses of water for easy absorption

* For children aged 1-4, it is recommended to open the capsule and add the essence to soup, baby food or honey water for better absorption

Each capsule contains about 465 mg – pure top-quality cordyceps extract about 340 mg – high-quality maitake extract about 38 mg

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