Blue Tit Adult Diapers - Gold Hygenia Adult Briefs - Premium Plus (10 Count)

Size (group and wholesale order hotline: 📞84814841):: Medium Size
Sale price$38.00


Packing: 1 pack/1 carton (12 packs)
  • Urinary wetness indication
  • The waist sticker can be pasted multiple times and adjusted to the most comfortable wearing position
  • The funnel-shaped non-woven mesh enhances the rapid absorption of water and reduces the formation of diaper rash
  • High-quality high-moisture condensed molecules can quickly lock a large amount of water
  • Soft absorbent layer helps distribute moisture evenly and improves water absorption capacity
  • Increase the absorbent layer of the buttocks to prevent water leakage in the supine position
  • The elastic leak-proof edge of the spleen position prevents water from seeping out of the spleen position

  • Packing: 1 Pack / 1 Box (12 packs)
    • Pattern fades out when the diaper becomes wet
    • Enable multiple times of application and adjustment to the most comfortable fitting
    • Funnel-channel Non-woven Top Sheet can protect fluid from flowing backward
    • High quality absorbent molecules lock high volume of fluid
    • Absorbent Fluff Layer
    • Wider Buttock Pad Design
    • Elastic Leg Guard, prevent leakage at the crotch area

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