Linye Sun Cake (Honey)

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smell: Honey
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Handmade according to the ancient method, the dense and delicate skin and the rich sesame aroma will leave your lips and teeth fragrant. Made in Taiwan, it does not contain preservatives and pigments.
Additional Facts: Black sesame contains high content of anthocyanins, which are well-known antioxidants, which can help resist the damage of free radicals, prevent the proliferation of cancer cells, and increase immunity. And black sesame is often hailed as the holy product of black hair, which can increase the melanin in the human body and help hair grow.

The well-known sun cakes are handmade using pure ancient methods, with over 100 layers of cake crust and the cake crust has a thick milk flavor!
The inside of the cake is soft and tough, and the flour and malt are perfectly combined in a golden ratio. It is neither sweet nor greasy, loose on the outside and soft on the inside!
After eating, it will leave your teeth and cheeks fragrant and endless aftertaste!
And it does not contain preservatives and colorings, everyone can definitely eat it with peace of mind!

Authentic Taiwan snacks, handmade according to the ancient method, the dense and delicate skin with rich milky fragrance will make your lips and teeth fragrant 

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