3M™ 6800 Smoke Mask \ B024

Size: 6700 S code


  • Brand: 3M™.

  • A full-face silicone gas mask ensures comfort and durability.

  • Four-point adjustment head strap. Wide visor provides maximum field of vision.

  • With the Cool Flow™ patented exhalation valve, breathing is smoother and easier.

  • The mirror surface conforms to the American ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard and is resistant to high-speed impact (Z87+).

  • The installation of the canister adopts the tenon and rotary snap-in type, which is simple to use and easy to operate.

  • Can be used with a variety of filter materials to ensure the health of your respiratory system.

  • Can be used with supplied air respiratory protection system.

  • All spare parts of the surface body can be replaced and repaired individually.

  • The whole series of 6000 complies with the American NIOSH standard.

  • Available in three sizes: 6700 (Size S), 6800 (Size M), 6900 (Size L).

Canister model and usage description:

  • 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Canister: It can effectively filter organic gases, such as spray paint, baking varnish, etc.

  • 3M 6002 Acid Gas Canister: It can effectively filter acid gases, such as chlorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine dioxide, etc.

  • 3M 6003 organic acid canister: it can effectively filter organic gas, chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide and hydrogen fluorine gas.

  • 3M 6004 Ammonia and Methylamine Canister: It can effectively filter ammonia and some ammonia-derived compound gases.

  • 3M 6006 Integrated Gas Canister: Can effectively filter organic, acidic, spray paint, pesticides, formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.

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