acc+ mask band ear protection mask band

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color: Navy blue
batch: Spot goods
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Product Description

  1. acc+ mask band effectively reduces ear pain.
  2. acc+ dark blue.
  3. Suitable for earhook masks
  4. Three-stage adjustment of mask tightness for better fit
  5. Suitable for children, adults and medical staff
  6. It can be bent and curled repeatedly to effectively prevent ear strangulation.
  7. Approximately 15cm x 1.8cm.
  8. individual package.
  9. The feature of this product is to protect both ears
  10. The design conforms to the face shape of Hong Kong people and reduces friction between the mask strap and the ears.
  11. Professional grade silicone
  12. No plasticizers
  13. made in China


  1. Suitable for adults and children, approximately 15cm x 1.8cm.


  1. Professional grade silicone


  1. Due to hygiene considerations, this product cannot be returned or exchanged after shipment.

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