【Accstore】Surfwheel Land Electric Skateboard

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Surfwheel Land Surfboard SU Series

-Charge for 90 minutes, battery life is 1 hour

- The maximum speed can reach 18KM

- Body length 65cm, weight 8.5kg

- Maximum load 80kg

-Maximum inclination 10 degrees

-6panel LED lights, the body is more sci-fi

-Specially designed tire texture, it is easier to make drift effect when driving

-The running speed can be changed through the APP, the battery can be displayed and the LED lights of the body can be switched on and off

-Removable battery, the removable battery can be carried on the plane in hand luggage

-Intelligent balance function: the combination of gyroscope and intelligent self-balancing system provides users with a better balance experience

-Patented surf tire tread and safety wheels

- Possess 16 global patents

-Won the 2018 Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Awards---Bronze Award

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