AFC EASYCARE [Medical Grade] Graphene Sun God Quilt

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Sleeping well is the real way to nourish your body!
Sleep is the most effective form of rehabilitation, and it is the golden period for body repair. Both Chinese and Western medicine vigorously promote sleep health care, so the first step to maintain a healthy body, please sleep well.

Sleep aid black technology graphene-deep warm quilt super warm body <br data-mce-fragment="1">Sleep is not good, often because the quilt is not warm. Graphene is a new nano-material with the best thermal conductivity in the world. Its far-infrared function can accelerate microvascular resonance and stimulate blood circulation. It is the best choice for keeping warm.

A good night's sleep : 10-second rapid heating and effective heat storage, maintaining warmth throughout the night; breathable, not stuffy, not easy to accumulate moisture, comfortable and good sleep.
Health care every day : The thermal penetration of far-infrared rays can increase the blood flow and speed of the human body, and improve the self-healing power of sleep.

(Limited to the first-level identification range of non-powered therapeutic mattresses in the classification and grading management methods of medical equipment)

Maintenance storage:
1. Please dry regularly, it is recommended to once a month, 2~3 hours each time.
2. It is recommended to use it with a quilt cover.
3. When storing in different seasons, it needs to be completely dry before folding and storing.
4. Do not dry at high temperature, so as not to cause curling damage to technical fibers.
5. Do not store in a vacuum compression bag, so as not to damage the fluffy elasticity of the quilt.

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