AFC EASYCARE Graphene Burning Bag|The world's first and most environmentally friendly warming bag

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Taiwan's sea level is rising twice as fast as the world's. In 2050, 1,398 square kilometers of Taiwan will be affected, 1.2 million people will be affected, and 7.13 million square meters of buildings will be submerged. When you start to switch to the burning bag, you can reuse it continuously, allowing you to exchange 1 burning bag for 90 warming bags!

# iQmax® The Birth of BBQ Buns

When it is cold, bring a warm pack; when you have menstrual pain, you can have a warm pack; when you are sore, you can also have a warm pack. Last winter's unforgettable panic buying of warm bags warmed the heart and body, but chilled the environment.

The iQmax team is an expert in functional fabrics, making life more comfortable and beautiful is the belief that iQmax continues to uphold.

So we designed a reusable, washable warm pack , which is the same size, light and kneadable. The exclusive patented heating element design allows you to use the warm pack without sacrificing environmental protection !

#simple arithmetic
1 burning bag, exchange for 90 warming bags

If you use 1 disposable warm pack a day, you have to use 30 warm packs for a month in Taiwan's cold winter.
If you switch to a sustainable and reusable roasting bag, 1 winter 1 Individuals can save 30 warm packs, and one-tenth of Taiwan's population can reduce the waste of 69,000,000 disposable warm packs a year.

#Easy to use, beautiful to use, good to use

Ordinary warm packs are simple, convenient, and ordinary in vain.
The iQmax plug-and-burn package is equally simple and convenient, but it is very extraordinary.

The burner bag has 5 more features : washable, 3-stage temperature control (65°C/55°C/45°C), timer shutdown, multiple power supplies (mobile power supply, desktop computer, USB charging stand, car charging stand), Comes with soft storage.

There are 3 more designs and colors for the roasted buns : the pattern is authorized by the History Museum , and the paintings of the great Chinese artist Sanyu are vividly wrapped. The cats, horses, and leopards are full of fun, making ordinary warm buns extraordinary.

Sanyu original painting information:

#Let Nuan Nuan Bao accompany you in the four seasons of daily life

It’s not just the cold that causes the body to be cold. Mountaineering and hiking, camping and picnics, strong winds, office sitting in the air-conditioning outlet, various low-temperature occupational injuries, and monthly menstrual pains, rheumatic pains caused by weather changes...

Cold and cold are the source of all diseases. No matter what time of day, the hot pot can be plugged and heated immediately. The heating temperature can be adjusted by yourself, and the position of the hot compress can be easily fixed, so that your daily life can be comfortable and warm at any time in all seasons.

Product Features

  1. It can be washed about 50 times repeatedly, and the performance will not be affected by washing with water.
  2. Intelligent temperature control system with three temperature options (45°C/55°C/65°C)
  3. Can provide a variety of customized services (shape, size, color)
  4. Made in Taiwan, Taiwan Patent Certification (Patent No. I400375)

Instructions for use

Instructions for use of temperature control line:

  • Connect the Type C end of the temperature control cable to the socket, and then connect the other end to the USB port of the power bank.
  • Short press the power button once to start high-temperature heating, and then short press to adjust the temperature
  • Long press the switch button until the flashing light can turn on the timing function (automatically shut down after 60 minutes)
  • Can be used with USB charging stand, computer and commercially available 5V mobile power supply (recommended output voltage/current: 5V / 1.0A or more)

Suggestions and Precautions

  • It needs to be cleaned regularly according to the frequency of use. The burner bag can be washed by hand with a neutral detergent. If it needs to be machine washed, please put it in a laundry bag first. After cleaning, it needs to be completely air-dried before use
  • Do not wash the temperature control line
  • Using it in direct contact with the skin for a long time may cause "low temperature burns". It is recommended to use it through clothing

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