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Haoshen Fiber Technology (AFC ® ) launched surgical drapes, which are made of AFC ® Medical & Healthy series of medical drapes that comply with EN 13795 EU norms and AAMI PB-70 American norms. The drapes are made of multi-layered functional fabrics for the purpose of protecting patients and medical staff and reducing the risk of nosocomial infection. The bottom layer of the drapery is made of ultra-fine polyester fiber treated with super water repellency, which is reusable, dust-free and impermeable. The upper layer of the drapes is close to the operation site, so it is made of super absorbent cloth, which can absorb and retain the operation fluid and skin flora. In addition, the entire set of hole towels has good anti-slip properties, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance, antistatic properties and resistance to multiple washing, drying and sterilization processes to maintain a sterile state for each use.

product specification

Base Fabric Option

Fabric Items composition Weave & Weight
T02 99% Polyester Filament Yarn

1% Polyester Conductive Yarn

High Water Repellency

2/2 Twill, 5mm stripe 206 g/y (148 g/m2) 60 inch (152 cm)
T05 Plain, 8mm stripe 202 g/y (140 g/m2) 62 inches (157 cm)
T03 98% Polyester Filament Yarn

2% Polyester Conductive Yarn

1/1 Plain, 8mm Rip-stop 192 g/y (127g/m2) 64 inch (163 cm)
T04 Face Fabric : 100% Polyester

Membrance : PTFE

Bottom Fabric : 100% Polyester

3 Layer Fabric 264 g/y (199 g/m2) 57 inches (145 cm)

High Absorption Fabric Option

CK10 100% Polyester Filament Yarn Circular Knitting 400 g/y (265 g/m2) 65 inches (165 cm)
W02 Dobby 383 g/y (289 g/m2) 57 inches (145 cm)

Base Fabric Option bottom fabric selection:
T02, T05, T03, T04

High Absorption super absorbent fabric selection:
CK10, W02

Product Features

  1. Conforms to EN 13795 European norms and AAMI PB-70 American norms
  2. Super splash water treatment, effectively reducing the chance of nosocomial infection
  3. The underlying fabric is highly durable, dust-free and liquid-resistant
  4. The upper cloth is highly absorbent and absorbs surgical fluid quickly
  5. Enhance fabric properties such as fit, friction, impact resistance, and antistatic force
  6. High temperature washing process and high temperature sterilization, such as Auto-clave

Suggestions and Precautions

  • After washing, drying, and sterilization procedures, it can achieve a better liquid protection level and can be used at least 100 times
  • Determine the number of uses according to the usage status
  • For ironing, please use a cloth to iron, and the high temperature should not exceed 130°C
  • Do not use if found damaged

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