AFC EASYCARE Fashion Light Workwear

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The new life style of co-existing with the epidemic, people are stylish, and protection is also good!

Put on light work clothes and have daily superpowers!

The fashionable light clothing of Haoshen Fiber Technology is made of high-performance fabrics in Taiwan. It is splash-proof, breathable, and washable, which can effectively block spray splashes and liquid penetration; the detachable hooded mask is safe, convenient, and does not affect the line of sight; modern The simple design makes the anti-epidemic life easy, comfortable and stylish.

Product Features

professional protection

  • The fabric has passed the AAMI-PB70 LEVEL1 test, and the barrier effect is equivalent to the first-level medical isolation gown
  • 100% water repellent processing, droplets and viruses cannot adhere
  • Cotton-like feel plus highly breathable tissue design, soft and comfortable
  • The fabric does not contain PFOA, PFOS, non-toxic
  • Green process, friendly environment
  • Can be washed repeatedly 50 times

Applicable places

  • Commuting to school: Take public transportation
  • Work in the workplace: service personnel who contact customers on the first line
  • Crowded: public places such as stores, merchants, Changzhao institutions

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