AFC EASYCARE Graphene Heated Vest

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Plug-in heating is a must. Add graphene. very. Pro

  • The inside is made of high-quality graphene fabric, which can be worn without plugging in and can feel the heat.
    The middle layer adopts Haoshen Fiber's exclusive patented heating element, which can be heated up in three seconds when connected to a mobile power supply.

The strongest black technology graphene - deep heat can warm the heart

Haoshen Fiber Technology is a leading brand of functional textiles in Taiwan. Using textile technology combined with black technology materials of the 21st century, graphene is woven into the inside of the vest. The real material can be seen. Stronger thermal penetration can promote the temperature rise in the deep subcutaneous layer.

Product Features

  • Lightweight, soft, and close-fitting design, it is ok for inner and outer wear.
  • Three-stage temperature control options (45°C/40°C/35°C).
  • Energy-saving design, using a 10000mAh mobile power supply can continue to generate heat for more than 3~6 hours.
  • It is washable and maintains excellent heating performance after 50 cycles.
  • Made in Taiwan, Taiwan patent certification. (Patent No. I400375 )

Instructions for use

  • Connect both ends of the thermostat to the clothes and the power supply respectively, press the temperature you like, and experience it immediately
  • Need to use a USB power supply device above 5V*2A, such as mobile power supply, adapter, computer, laptop

Cleaning and maintenance advice

  • Do not connect to power when not in use
  • Before cleaning, please unplug the temperature control line (the temperature control line cannot be washed)
  • Hand wash with mild detergent or soap; to machine wash, put in a laundry bag

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