AFC EASYCARE Hospital Anti-infection Clothes Bag

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AFC Easy Care® hospital anti-infection clothing bags are made of AFC® Medical & Healthcare series medical cloths that comply with EN 13795 EU norms and AAMI PB-70 American medical norms, and are provided for medical institutions, medical washing plants or biotechnology industries Dirty clothes (cloth towels) are collected and used. The dirty clothes bag is reusable and resistant to medical washing, which is more economical than disposable products. Haoshen polyester cloth is the best choice for providing medical dirty clothes bags in medical institutions. The anti-liquid penetration property can reduce the risk of hospital infection. The fabric is composed of micro-polyester and treated for super water repellency. The advantages of polyester fiber are reusable, light weight, breathable and comfortable, no dust, enhanced tensile strength and better chemical resistance, and can provide a long service life, and can be washed, dried, Sterilization methods such as high temperature sterilization. These features are designed to effectively reduce the risk of cross-infection due to fluid exposure.

Product Features

  1. Conforms to EN 13795 European norms and AAMI PB-70 American norms
  2. Can withstand high temperature washing, drying and autoclave sterilization
  3. Water-repellent treatment and high-pressure calendering treatment provide excellent water repellency, antibacterial, stain resistance and water pressure resistance

Suggestions and Precautions

  • After washing, drying, and sterilization procedures, it can achieve a better liquid protection level
  • The number of times of use is determined according to the state of use, and it is recommended not to exceed 100 times
  • For ironing, please use a cloth to iron, and the high temperature should not exceed 130°C
  • Do not use if damaged; do not use near flammable anesthetic gases

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