AFC EASYCARE Reusable Isolation Gown

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Good personal protective equipment is the last line of defense for infection control in healthcare facilities. AFC Easy Care® isolation gown is made of high-grade medical cloth that complies with EN 13795 EU norms and AAMI PB-70 American norms, and has passed the FDA CLASS 1 standard. It has good liquid barrier properties, excellent antibacterial and anti-fouling properties And the effect of water pressure resistance, which can prevent the risk of blood, body fluids and other liquids penetrating when performing medical operations. AFC Easy Care® Isolation Gowns can withstand high-temperature washing, drying and sterilization, and can be reused after disinfection without affecting the performance. It provides high-level safety protection for staff in every medical care link.

Product Features

  • Obtained US FDA Class 1; EU CE certification
  • Conforms to EN 13795 EU specification and AAMI PB-70 US specification
  • The fabric has the characteristics of super water repellency and high hydrostatic pressure resistance, and has good liquid isolation effect
  • Lightweight, comfortable and dust-free
  • chemical resistant
  • With static dissipative properties, it can effectively discharge the static electricity accumulated in the human body and reduce the adhesion of bacteria
  • Resistant to medical high-temperature water washing and autoclave sterilization


  • General risk level: patient transfer, general contact, and medical care behaviors without direct contact with patients, such as dispensing medicines, changing infusions, etc.
  • Medium-to-high risk level: high-risk medical care behaviors, such as collection of respiratory specimens, contact with patient blood, body fluids and excreta, medical treatment that may generate droplets, and cleaning and disinfection of related environments

recommended washing method

  1. Medical professional washing process: 18 minutes at 72°C, 20 minutes at drying temperature at 100°C, 5 minutes at 134°C in an autoclave
  2. General washing process:
  • Dilute 100 times with bleach + cold water, soak for 15-30 minutes
  • Chlorine disinfectant 500 ppm soak for 1 hour
  • Boil for 15 minutes, then wash with general household water

Suggestions and Precautions

  • The number of times of use is determined according to the state of use, and it is recommended not to exceed 75 times
  • For ironing, please use a cloth to iron, and the high temperature should not exceed 130 ℃
  • If found damaged, please replace it immediately to ensure the best protection effect
  • Please put the isolation gown into the dirty clothes bag after use to avoid the possibility of cross-infection

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