Aidapt Deluxe Aluminum wheelchair with foldable backrest - red

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Aluminum alloy foldable stand, sturdy and durable

-Simple folding seat back for easy transportation or travel

-Movable footrests and armrests, which can be folded to facilitate users to get in and out of wheelchairs

-The height of the foot pedal can be adjusted freely, suitable for people of different heights

-Large comfortable handle, flexible push, convenient and easy

- Equipped with braking system

-Arrests can be opened

-8" PVC front wheel, 16" PU rear wheel

Seat height: 45 cm

• Seat width: 46 cm

• Seat depth: 42 cm

• Backrest height: 45 cm

• Armrest height: 64 cm

• Total length (including footrest): 105 cm

• Overall width: folded/unfolded: 31/63 cm

• Overall height: 86 cm

• Front wheel diameter: 15 cm

• Rear wheel diameter: 41 cm

• Seat cushion and backrest color: Gray mesh

• Outer box size: 760x280x800mm

• Weight limit: 100kg

• Net weight: 14kg

• Total weight: 16kg

Flip back armrests
-Detachable swing away legs rests with height adjustment
-Large comfortable push handles
-Adjustable aluminum brakes
-Dismantles easily for transporting in the car
-8” PVC castors, 16” PU mag rear wheels

Seat Height (The height from the floor to the seat): 45

Seat Width (cm): 46

Seat Depth (cm): 42

Backrest Height (cm): 45

Armrest height (The height from the floor to the armrest pad) (cm) : 64

Overall Length (w/ footrest) (cm) : 105

Overall Width: folded/open (cm): 31/63

Overall Height (cm): 86

Front wheel diameter (cm) : 15

Rear wheel diameter (cm) : 41

Maximum Weight (cm): 100kg

Seat-Back Color: gray mesh

Packing dimension (cm): 76x28x80

Net weight: 14kg

Gross weight: 16kg

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