AKIMIA micro-ecological high-fermentation|anti-mark|microcurrent mask|strong absorption|anti-aging super maintenance|3 pieces

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Micro-ecological high-ferment anti-mark micro-current mask is a skin care product developed by a doctor of medical engineering from National Taiwan University that uses "micro-ecological anti-mark care" and multiple probiotic extracts, combined with patented coated A-alcohol. High-tech micro-current introduces active ingredients to double the absorption of the skin. The microcurrent mask helps the skin create a basic environment, including the microecology on the skin surface, so that the skin can naturally maintain its integrity and optimal condition, thereby having a healthy and radiant look, transforming your skin into girlish skin 💆🏻‍♀️ Anti-aging rejuvenation and skin care combined with high fermentation to stabilize the skin surface create a truly scientific, effective and verifiable way to take good care of the "skin essence".
Three major features of microcurrent facial mask:

"Like an innovative facial mask for professional beauty, highly effective ingredients are introduced deep into the skin"
"And there will be no electric shock at all, which is not only safe but also effective."
"Moms who don't have extra time can also have professional beauty care at home."

✨Won the Gold Medal, the highest honor at the 2023 World Quality Evaluation Awards✨Japanese rice-fermented yeast extract for skin-beautifying bacteria - anti-aging super energy​
✨American MultiSal®️ Coated A-alcohol-gentle and high-performance transformation of girls’ skin​
✨High enzyme rejuvenation and skin nourishing x stabilizing the skin surface microenvironment​
✨Microcurrent mask = deep introduction to professional beauty ✨Environmentally friendly plant fiber mask SGS France Sensitivity Test ✨ Passed Microbiological Verification

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