Amvel - VERYKAL Super light one-touch automatic folding umbrella|water cover|automatic switch cover|sunscreen|sunshade|bone-shrinking cover|164g|windproof-grape purple

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What's more annoying than heavy rain?

I carry an umbrella with me every day and carry a heavy load. God, I just can't hold back the rain.

Fortunately, the AMVEL company from Japan has brought the ultra-light folding umbrella VERYKAL, which can be used as a daily rainproof partner, allowing you to forget that you are carrying it with you, but you can still stand up when needed.

An ultra-lightweight one-touch auto-folding functional umbrella designed in Japan. It weighs only 164 grams. It is lighter than the iPhone 11 and is effortlessly portable. It is extremely slim and only measures 26cm x 3.5cm when folded, making it easy to carry around!

Not to mention its lightness, it can withstand strong winds of level 7! Definitely the best partner during the rainy and windy season!

  • Automatically open and close the umbrella with one click
  • Strong water-repellent umbrella cloth that won’t get wet or stick
  • Can withstand strong winds up to 12m/s, equivalent to level 7 strong winds
  • Carbon fiber ribs are lightweight and durable
  • Weighs only 164 grams, lighter than iPhone 11
  • Various colors to match

Product specifications:

  • Material: 15 denier ultra-fine yarn, carbon weave
  • Weight:164g
  • Diameter of umbrella cloth after unfolding: 97cm
  • Length after storage: 26cm
  • Circle diameter (thickness) after storage: 3.5cm

*There is a spring on the shaft of the automatic folding umbrella. Please do not operate it close to your face.

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