Amvel - VERYKAL LARGE (60cm) Super Light One-touch Automatic Folding Umbrella - Black

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The famous Japanese umbrella brand Amvel launches a new automatic folding umbrella that is lightweight, easy to shrink and has a large area - VERYKAL LAGRE

A large, lightweight and durable automatic opening and closing folding umbrella weighs about 210 grams and is extremely light. It has 6 60 cm ribs and is UV-resistant 70~90% (depending on the color of the fabric)
The umbrella cloth is added with a long-lasting nanotechnology water-repellent coating EASYDRY - with just two swings, the umbrella dries quickly, is light yet extremely strong! The ribs are made of carbon fiber and will not be blown apart even by typhoons. Color, men, women, old and young always have a color rock to use

Weight: about 210g
Diameter of umbrella cloth after unfolding: 107cm
Length after storage: 29.5cm
Circle diameter (thickness) after storage: 4.2cm

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