American Body Boss 2.0

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Every time I squeeze the heavy training area with other people in the gym, I feel very uncomfortable, but buying a bunch of equipment at home gym is expensive and takes up space. This set of Body Boss 2.0 may help you solve the above problems. Body Boss 2.0 is a lightweight Home Gym that can be carried around, folds down for easy storage, and weighs only 15 pounds. All-in-one portable fitness equipment, you can assemble it yourself according to your needs, open the bottom plate and the combination of accessories, and then transform into a variety of fitness equipment. You can also increase the number of fitness belts to increase the load.

The BodyBoss 2.0 Portable Gym simulates all the bulky equipment and machines you see in gyms and combines them into one revolutionary concept 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

🔶All-in-one Portable🔶 Can be folded for easy storage, only 15 pounds (with all accessories)
🔶 Can complete more than 100 sets of movements 🔶 Full body training from chest muscles, back muscles, abdominal muscles, buttocks, and even calf muscles 🔶 A variety of accessories can be combined to become a variety of fitness equipment

Dimensions: 30 x 20 x .05 inches
Set contains 2 resistance bands

The range of BodyBoss resistance bands is 1-30 lbs, you can adjust the weight by shortening the resistance bands. If you add an extra strap, that doubles up to 60 lbs.

【Ab Exercises Demonstration】

【Legs Exercises Demonstration】

【Arm Exercises Demonstration】

【Leg and Shoulder Workout for Women - Squat Press Demonstration】

【Bucket Tosses Demonstration】

【Cross Body Boxing Demonstration】

【More Video Demonstration】

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