Cancer Council Enhanced Sunscreen SPF50+ 110ml

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Suitable for strong UV sun exposure, can be used every day. Long-lasting dryness, soft and thin, dry formula has a thin texture, refreshing and non-greasy, strong sun protection and moisturizing skin at the same time. Effectively block UVA and UVB
Enhance protection and prevent sun spots and reduce wrinkles Origin Australia

Advantages Supervised by the Australian Food and Drug Administration, it has been strictly registered and inspected by the Australian TGA Drug Administration, which fully proves that the quality and efficacy meet the Australian sunscreen quality standards.
4-hour long-lasting waterproof Applicable for swimming, certified by the "waterproof test" with 4-hour waterproof function, and can continue to effectively protect against sun protection after being exposed to water

how to use it 20 minutes before going out or in the sun, apply evenly on dry and clean skin. Suggested adult use is 5ml or approximately a teaspoon per each arm, each leg, chest, back and face, including the neck and ears. A total of 35ml of sunscreen is used for the whole body.

5 steps for sun protection: When going out, please wear sun protection clothing, sunglasses, wide-brimmed hats and stay in the shade. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. The purpose of sunscreen is not to prolong your exposure to the sun.

Combination of ingredients
Homosalate 100mg/g, Octyl Salicilate 50mg/g, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane 30mg/g, Octocrylene 80mg/g

Quantity per piece

STORAGE Check and observe the "use by" date stated on the packaging and store sunscreens below 30°C.

Skin TypeAll Skin Types

SPF 25 - SPF 50

Please note that the product is for external use only, avoid contact with eyes and wounds. If it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse immediately with water. If you have any skin discomfort after use, please stop using it immediately. If condition persists, seek medical attention immediately and keep away from children. Please store in a cool place at 30°C. Not suitable for infants under 6 months.

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