Made in Australia CleanPlus 70% Glycolic Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer - 500ml

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What series is recognized by WHO
100% Made in Australia Imported from Australia
Effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria
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Alcohol-based gel, no washing or rinsing required. Tested and approved according to TGA method. Glycerin moisturizer and Vitamin E. Also available as a 500ml pump.

DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS Instant Hand Sanitizer – is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that kills germs (99.99%) within 30 seconds.
Contains glycerin moisturizers, natural aloe vera extract and vitamin E to soothe, protect and support your complexion.
It makes your hands soft and smooth.
This product is ideal for use in homes, offices, childcare, aged care, nursing homes, reception areas, outdoor areas, public spaces and more.
Alcohol-based quick-drying kills bacteria instantly Natural aloe vera extract and vitamin E No washing or rinsing required

Instructions for use
Apply one thumbnail size to dry, clean hands.
Rub well to ensure hands are completely covered.
Let it dry and it will kill germs in 30 seconds.

Environmental aspects
Reduces infection and cross-contamination PF-Phosphate-free Biodegradable and septic-safe for water saving

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