DAEWOO - Daewoo juicer | slow grinder | juicer DY-BM03

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DAEWOO Daewoo's new original juice machine has a compact body and a large-diameter feed inlet. The screw-pressed slow pressing makes pure juice with zero residue. It will not easily cause the oxidation of nutrients, allowing you to enjoy the silky and delicate taste of juice.

-95% high pure juice rate:
The first squeeze is thorough enough, no need to squeeze again
-8CM large-diameter feeding fruits and vegetables without cutting and squeezing for 9 seconds to produce juice
-Antique screw-pressed slow extraction:
High-fiber fruits and vegetables can be easily squeezed in seconds without machine jamming.
-Small, lightweight and easy to store:
The volume is one-quarter of the traditional juicer, making it easy to store.
-Metal-free filter abandons the traditional metal filter and adopts innovative strip-shaped filter holes to create a purer taste and ensure that the juice is free of heavy metal elements

Product model: DY-BM03
Cup capacity: 500ML
Maximum feeding diameter: 8CM
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 250W
Product net weight: 2.3KG
Product gross weight: 2.6KG
Product size: 13X37CM
Cord length: 115CM
Rotation speed: 50 rpm Juice extraction rate: about 95%

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