DAEWOO - DY-XC02 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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A retractable cordless vacuum cleaner with two axes that rotate freely, an elastic ultra-thin hose floor brush, and a two-in-one push and hold handheld vacuum cleaner that cleans without blind spots and is more flexible and easier to use.

1.25KG ultra-lightweight body, easy and effortless to use. It adopts advanced brushless motor and powerful vacuum suction. The elastic hose floor brush has built-in steel wire to keep the brush head close to the ground and clean without dead corners. It rotates the air in a cyclonic manner. , thereby bringing out high-speed centrifugal force and increasing the suction power. The triple filter adopts high-density HEPA grade, dust cup filtration and air outlet filter cotton to discharge clean air. The high-density HEPA filter effectively filters fine dust particles and the air outlet will not It has a two-in-one handheld pusher and pusher for fine dust discharge. The special ultra-thin brush head is only 5 cm high. It is easy and convenient to clean the bottom of the sofa. The two-axis free rotation (90-180 degrees) is more flexible and easy to use. It can easily clean the ceiling and absorb dust for charging. It can be used wirelessly, making it easier to clean cars and carpets. Noise cleaning is less than 75dB, quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners. The roller is suitable for a variety of floor materials. It scrapes, sweeps and pats for three-in-one cleaning, and effectively absorbs pet hair.

Product specifications:
Product name: DAEWOO wireless handheld vacuum cleaner Model: DY-XC02
Rated voltage: 14.8V
Rated power: 100W
Dust collection capacity: 0.8L
Power adapter rated output: 18V 500mAh
Noise: less than 75dB
Host size: 309* 106* 233mm
Color: White Packaging accessories: Main unit, push rod, floor brush, pointed nozzle and adapter Safety certification: CE
Battery: 2000mAh
Place of Origin: China. The above information is for reference only, and everything is subject to the actual product.

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