Deensmt - 24K gold-plated multi-purpose skin rejuvenation device K10|Anti-aging|EMS|RF|Ions|Medical red and blue light|Cold compress

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American brand DeenSmt Skin Rejuvenation Device K10 uses 24 gold-plated massage heads and different advanced beauty technologies to stimulate the growth of collagen, tighten and lift the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce acne and pimples, promote the absorption of moisturizing cosmetics, and improve skin texture. , making your daily care routine unique and simple.

Advanced technology : Use advanced beauty technologies such as radio frequency, EMS lifting, ions, microcurrent, vibration, cold compress, and medical red and blue light to reverse signs of aging.

Five modes for easy use

  • Cleansing mode: Deeply cleans the skin, removing cosmetic residue and dirt from pores​
  • Moisturizing mode: Promote the absorption of moisturizing cosmetics to the bottom layer of the skin and improve skin texture
  • Eye protection mode: relieve eye fatigue and reduce dark circles
  • EMS Lift Mode: Stimulates collagen growth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cool Mode: Smooths sensitive skin, shrinks pores, and helps reduce breakouts and breakouts

Easier care process : Keep the daily K10 and shorten the 60-minute facial skin care in the beauty salon to 15 minutes to achieve anti-aging effects and make the skin rejuvenated.

Safe and effective : Top-quality products made of high-quality materials, ergonomic streamlined body design, products certified by FCC, US FDA, CE, RoHS, Japanese PSE, EMC, Prop65, etc.

Body size (width x height x depth mm): 74x74x208

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