DEEPBLUE Disposable Virus Sampling Tube

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Intended use

The disposable virus sampling tube is used for specimen collection, transportation and storage, etc., which is convenient for the DNA/RNA extraction and extended use of biological specimens and viruses etc.

Product Information

1.Product Model :SL-1 (Non-lnactivated) SL-2(lnactivated)

2.Packing Specification: 1ML, 2ML, 3ML, 10pcs/box, 25pcs/box, 50pcs/box (or OEM)

Feature and advantage

1.High Safety: good sealing and stability, prevent leakage and ensure biosafety

2.Option Variety: nasal/oral swab+inactive/active medium

3.Easy to operate: no refrigeration, room temperature transportation


1.O pen the pack. take out the swab

2.Put the swab into the tube with preservation medium

3. Break off the swab from the break point

4. Tighten the lid of the tube

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