Double Clean - Zero-consumables portable air disinfection purifier | Wireless air purifier | Portable air freshener 359

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  • Adopting electronic filter technology, it has strong adsorption, super energy saving, non-consumable, and can be cleaned and recycled.
  • Intelligent monitoring mode to visualize surrounding air quality.
  • Filter the air, powerful adsorption, use electrostatic adsorption of PM2.5 particles and viruses in the air, the purification efficiency is as high as 99.99%.
  • The large-capacity battery can be used wirelessly, with a battery life of up to 26 hours. The remaining power is digitally displayed and can be used in many scenarios.
  • With thoughtful handle design, the product is ultra-light, small and easy to move.
  • Good air is delivered "low-key" and quietly without disturbing.
  • One-touch control, four-speed mode, easy to operate.
  • Strong wind force and streamlined air track design of the air outlet facilitate rapid air circulation.
  • color: White
  • Product model: 359
  • Unit of measurement: Taiwan
  • Net weight (KG): 1.071KG
  • Gross weight (KG): 1.17kg
  • Product size: 200*102*190mm
  • Color box size: 270*122*210mm
  • Font: Instructions in traditional Chinese color box, color box in English, product without words

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