Duracell ACTIVAIR Hearing Aid Batteries [312] 6 Capsules DURACELL Mercury-Free Batteries Made in Germany Parallel Import

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Duracell ACTIVAIR [312] Hearing Aid Battery

・Specification: 6 capsules/box

・Product made in Germany

・0% mercury-free battery

・1.45V Zinc-Air

Duracell Hearing Aid Batteries [312] Long-lasting mercury-free batteries

・Battery is lightweight

・Sturdy protective packaging

・Ensure your battery is safe and reliable;

・Easy to open and operate

・Extra-long EasyTabs make them easy to attach, remove and replace

・Easy replacement process

・Just match the label to the label color of your current battery

・The Duracell special hearing aid battery can last up to 4 years when stored in a proper storage environment.

DURACELL ACTIVAIR Hearing Aid [312] Batteries

・Battery Size: Size 312 (Brown)

・6 Batteries / Box

・0% Mercury

・1.45V Zinc-Air

・Made in Germany

Duracell Hearing Aid battery size 312 - long-lasting mercury-free battery

・Duracell's lightweight, yet strong, protective packaging keeps your batteries safe and secure, while still being easy to open and simple to handle

・The extra-long EasyTab makes them easy to hold, remove and replace, keeping the process easy and simple

・Simply match the tab with your current battery's tab color for a perfect fit

・Duracell Specialty Hearing Aid Batteries last up to 4 years in ambient storage.

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