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Face Factory Beauty SuctionPrime, a pore care machine launched in South Korea. It has four functions: heating, cleaning, care and cooling.
It solves various skin problems in four steps. First, it heats to open the pores, absorbs blackheads, acne, oil, etc. through the adjusted intensity. Finally, it switches to cooling to restore and tighten the open pores.
The pore care machine has four strength options to choose from. The final cooling not only prevents pores from becoming enlarged, but also tightens them, solving skin problems in depth.

Hong Kong licensed products 🇭🇰 | Korean brands 🇰🇷

Launched by South Korea's Face Factory, it is a hot and cold skin pore care machine. It has four major functions: heating♨️, cleaning🧼, care🧴, and cooling🧊. It can solve various skin problems in four steps.

The method of use is simple, first heat ♨️ to open the pores, adjust the intensity to absorb blackheads, acne, oil, etc., and finally switch to the cooling mode 🆒 to make the opened pores firmer ♻️. The pore care machine has four intensities. Choose to solve skin problems deeply.


  • 🧊♨️ Hot and cold functions to create different effects
  • ​🈹 Can remove sebum from the skin surface
  • 4️⃣ 4 types of intensity, suitable for different care effects
  • 🔰 Create anti-allergic skin care
  • 🔄 180 degree rotating head, the angle can be adjusted freely

【Product specifications】
  • Charging time: about 4 hours
  • Component size: Approx. 50 x 186 x 50mm
  • Body weight: about 195g
  • Components: Main unit, round head, oval head, sponge, instruction manual, USB charging cable

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