Fellowes - AeraMax PT65 HEPA Filter for Pet Air Purifier (1 piece)

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The special filter functions as a dual filtration system and is certified by the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to efficiently purify bacteria, viruses and sensitive sources. It also removes odors produced by pets with dual effects, protecting the health of your family and sensitive pet owners. The dual filtration system can also help you filter out hair. Especially important for families with pets and children


The HEPA filter adopts AeraSafe antibacterial patented coating technology, which blocks 99.97% of sensitive sources as small as PM0.3, dust particles and bacterial viruses (including SARS, influenza, hepatitis, etc.), preventing asthma and diseases caused by viruses, and removing formaldehyde The rate is also as high as 97.8 .

Simple daily cleaning methods

HEPA: To ensure continued sterilization effect, it is recommended to replace it once a year

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