Flaem Rhino Clear Sprint Electric Nasal Irrigator

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Flaem Rhino Clear Sprint Electric Nasal Irrigator

Suitable for patients of all ages. The three types of nasal prongs provided are suitable for patients aged 3 years old, 3-12 years old, and adults over 12 years old.

You can use physiological saline for daily care of the nasal cavity, or you can follow the doctor's instructions for aerosol treatment of the nasal cavity.

Applicable persons:

children with allergic asthma

Chronic conditions of the nasal cavity and sinusitis: Nasal cleaning is particularly suitable for treating nasopharyngitis. It can clear out nasal secretions that occur in many children and reduce secondary infections.

Frequent colds and vulnerability to colds and flu

Dry and crusty nose

Serious pollution from dust and dirt

hay fever

After nasal and sinus surgery

made in Italy

Nebulization time: 2 minutes to atomize 10ml normal saline

Main Features

Portable nasal wash, with batteries. Rhino Clear Sprint is Effective (correct particle size for nebulization in the upper airways), Comfortable (non-invasive, easy to clean, can be used everywhere) and suitable for both adults and children. Can be used with saline solutions (isotonic, hypertonic, liposome solutions, etc.), thermal waters or medications commonly available in pharmacies.

  • Made in Italy
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries (included) or rechargeable
  • Nasal soft-touch adapters for adults and children
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fast treatment (2 minutes for 10ml nebulization)

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