Future Lab - Pure F2 instant hot water machine|Instant hot water machine|Portable|Household water filtration|Instant heating in 3 seconds|Quadruple filtration|No installation required

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Future Lab’s latest development is the PureF2 direct drinking instant heating machine, which is a water filter that requires no installation and is very suitable for renters + a mini water dispenser that can be drunk with instant heating.

One-touch temperature control, quantitative water dispensing, and multi-stage temperature control for cold water and warm water are all in one machine, allowing you to drink water at your favorite temperature.
Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, it not only saves space with multiple uses, but can also be used as a mini instant water heater when going abroad, hiking, camping, and skiing. You don’t need to rely on a hot water kettle to slowly boil water until the end of the world and the cold in the middle of the night. It allows you to drink hot water, eat instant noodles, make coffee, tea, and milk in an instant, all with one machine.

product specifications

  • Host weight: 670g
  • Host size: L120xW80xH250
  • Weight with water tank: 2360g
  • Dimensions with water tank: L267xW150xH270
  • Outlet water temperature: 0°C~100°C
  • Total water tank capacity: 3L
  • Purified water volume: 2L
  • Rated voltage: 110V
  • Rated power: 1400W
  • Operating environment temperature: 4-40 degrees

Product acessories
  • Host*1
  • Water tank*1
  • Water tank joint (water pipe)*1
  • Filter element*1
  • PET bottle adapter*1
  • Water suction adapter (water pipe)*1
  • Instruction manual*1

Cleaning and maintenance
  • Do not soak it directly in water. It is recommended to wipe the appearance with a damp cloth.
  • Water tank: It is recommended to use a general brush or soft scouring pad to clean it.
  • Filter element: Replace directly according to usage, no need to disassemble and wash.

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